A special celebration for a special group of young Lutheran pastors in El Salvador

I was sitting in the back seat playing detective.  “Was this vehicle safe to be riding in?” I asked myself while lifting the car mats trying to disguise examining the interior for damage and sniffing for gas leaks.  It was no use.  I could detect nothing amiss.  This vehicle rode more smoothly than any brand-new […]

MIGUEL ÁNGEL RIVAS RENDEROS Translation by Juan Escobar “Cuando tienes el conocimiento, puedes transformar la manera de pensar de las personas y cuando transformas su pensamiento, las personas actuarán”. Nota del editor. En tanto muchos de nuestros otros narradores eran ya adultos o muchachos de mayor edad que lucharon en las montañas durante la guerra […]


    Afflicted with Hope / embracingelsalvador.org is one of many outreach ministries at
    Saint Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)
    30 West Main Street, PO Box 266
    New Kingstown, PA 17072

    Tax deductible donations for support of this work in El Salvador may be sent to the above address.