A mystery trip, the second one of the day.  We don’t ask; we don’t want to know.  Our only request is that our local friend choose some places we may find of interest as well as provide photographic opportunities.

On the trek towns have long since given way to villages that have given way to strings of dwellings hidden back from the sides of the roads.  Highways have long since given way to streets that have given way to roads that have given way to a barely recognizable trails.



Walking affords us closer looks at the unfamiliar tropical flowers and greetings (?) of the ever-present dogs as we approach each home.  The air is cooling as we ascend the slope, and in the distance I soon recognize the familiar sound of rushing water.  A cascading waterfall emits a distinct sound long before you see it.  I find myself walking faster in anticipation as if it will go away if I don’t quicken my step.



Is it the enchanting appeal of its crashing over the rocks that makes a waterfall so enticing?  I’ve seen hundreds of them and still feel the same rush whenever I see a new one.  The breath-taking rainbow that arcs behind it in the mist when the sun is just right never fails to give me chills.  The pool and streams at its base are always crystal clear and inviting despite the cool temperatures.

We are the only ones here at the time and can treasure this wonder without distractions.  No markers have predicted this surprise we are treated with which makes it more of a delight today.

As we are further uphill behind the waterfall about to leave we see girls walking with a basket.  (You never see an empty-handed or headed person in this country.)  We are told the trail we are on continues another twelve miles between villages.  Trails which locals still use are all over the country.

What a lovely morning to stop, breathe the fresh mountain air, hear the rushing sounds of a waterfall, and re-connect with nature.


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