April’s News Flash

Updated information for our readers –

If you have not yet read our stories of Mirna Perla or Rosa Anaya, you will want to reference them for this surprising news this week from El Salvador.

Mirna- https://www.embracingelsalvador.org/mirna-perla/

Rosa – https://www.embracingelsalvador.org/category/rosa-anaya-perla/

Herbert Ernesto Anaya Sanabria, a human rights leader in the country was assassinated in 1987.  (His daughter, Rosa, witnessed this grim atrocity.) His wife, Mirna, who was a Supreme Court justice when we interviewed her, always claimed the government was responsible for his death.

However, the jury found the “lookout” responsible and sentenced him to 30 years in prison.  Human Rights Commission found the case in question for many reasons.

This week El Salvador’s attorney general, Douglas Meléndez, chose this case to re-open for investigation since the nullification of the 1993 Amnesty Law in the country.


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