Alicia de Garcia

Alicia Garcia - 11-30-09

“Our Efforts Are A Light in the Darkness . . . Will Remain For All Humanity For All Time.”


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[Editor’s Preface: Alicia (anglicized) apologizes for her tardiness to today’s interview while her secretary has been occupying us by allowing us to leaf through the very graphic photo albums of victims of the country’s war.  She cautions us about looking in the black and white album which is filled with photos of corpses lying on the streets, all victims of senseless violence. The walls above us loom with large framed photos of the disappeared, their eyes begging for answers.  Among them is Alicia’s brother.  His disappearance served as the catalyst for Alicia’s founding COMADRES, the Committee of Mothers For People Who Have Disappeared.  His face serves as a daily reminder of the value of this group’s efforts and energies.

 Alicia now explains that many people compete for her time.   She has served as this organization’s director since 1993.  We are grateful she has graced us by setting aside this time slot to share her story.  For nearly five hours she sits on a small wooden backless piano stool with her legs crossed at the ankle never changing that position. Despite the relentless heat, she seldom sips on the water her secretary brings but does dab the tears and sweat with a towel when she divulges her personal story of torture and loss.  I’ve heard most of this story before.  I was excited now to record it so that her experiences and strength of faith could be shared and would never be forgotten.  She is a living legacy.

Alicia is 62; there was a dramatic turning point in her life at age 33 where I begin to tell her story..  This course of  events has determined her life’s quest for justice.]



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