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Endorsements « Afflicted with Hope


From Ruth Cruddas in Watsonville, CA —

Your writing inspires me. It is great to be connected and give thanks for the wonderful work you and Don are doing.


From Erika Murcia, San Salvador  —

I want to thank you for the support you do permanently for the Salvadoran people. Thank you for sharing all these profound and beautiful stories of life transforming and changing experiences. I have learned a lot just with reading them, but I hope many others who will be able to read them will be open to see life from another perspective. I always remember that beautiful quote from Romero “I aspire not to have more, but to be more” and I see that with your work and the acknowledgment of those stories we become more aware and more human.


From Betty Rupp of Greer, South Carolina —

I love your new website with the stories on it.

I just returned from another visit to El Salvador.  The hope of the Salvadorans flooded each day and night, lighting a way of walking in the present.

Once again I stayed at the Oasis with Damian and Carolina.  I am so excited that you recently interviewed her also.  I know my love for El Salvador comes in no small part from her presence.  She takes such good care of her guests that I always feel cherished by her.  It shows me the spiritual practice of hospitality.  I have only heard parts of her story as told by Damian, so I look forward to seeing it in print.

I am familiar with Fernando Llort through Tim’s Blog, and Guillermo Cuellar has come to the Oasis to play for us.  I loved it and listen to his CD often.  I look forward to reading their stories and others on your website.


From Alex Bottinelli, Vermont —

Your article was interesting and powerful. You are a good writer — your unique voice comes through. I read it awhile ago and wanted to think about it for a bit before I responded.

Blessed new year to you all and of course a blessed holiday, warmest regards


From Joan Hays, Mechanicsburg, PA

Thank you so very much for the article about the Border Kids.  I too am amazed at how the political parties seem to use the situation to create a bigger divide between political parties vs. using the situation to craft a uniting solution.  I certainly do agree that we can do better.  I must look for some time to write to my representatives and express my concern about the situation.
Thanks for your continuing efforts to raise awareness and too present truths from the Salvadoran perspective.  I appreciate it so very much.

From Jamie Stark, WI

“Your blog is incredible; you are creating a priceless resource by dedicating so much time and love to capturing these stories.
There are powerful things happening here in El Salvador among people who sometimes have little more than God. It’s important to share. Thank you for doing so.”


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