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Who is the Real Missionary « Afflicted with Hope

Who is the Real missionary here?

TOO/TOO/TOO – That was my reaction to all of it. TOO over-the-top; TOO uncomfortable; TOO embarrassing; TOO awkward; TOO self-righteous. And yet it is a printed part of our established book of worship. . . . .The Sunday morning before our group of travelers left for El Salvador, our church had a service of commissioning for us. During it the pastor asked each one of us to come forward, and he blessed our various body parts for service to others – ears to hear, lips to speak, hands to touch . . you get the drift. The lessons and hymns were all carefully chosen to reflect the theme of “mission.” A special mission cross was placed in the front of the sanctuary where it always remains until the “mission team” returns. Being a person who prefers to be low-key, flying under the radar, being in the spotlight is not my cup of tea. I just wanted to pack and go. What happened to the idea of serving with humility as in the New Testament story of the poor widow giving her two small coins without fanfare? The only notice I hoped for was a driver at the other end of the journey – at the San Salvador Airport – awaiting with our group’s name on a card.



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