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Stephanie Anderson – Samayoa « Afflicted with Hope

Stephanie Anderson – Samayoa

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  “What Am I Going to Do to Contribute to Life?”



[Editor’s Note: Her parents might have named her Hope because that is what she brought the mixed cultural family who bore her.  Hope is what she brought to a parcel of Salvadoran land she restored nearly single-handedly after years of neglect.  And hope is what she sees for El Salvador in her ability to see past the poverty to a brighter tomorrow.  But back to her beginning.


Her dad, a Pan Am pilot lands at the San Francisco Airport in 1960 and happens upon a distraught 19-year-old Salvadoran woman whose papers are not in order and is being threatened by authorities with return to El Salvador on the next plane.  The pilot knows the immigration official and intervenes on her behalf.  “What would it take to allow her to stay?” he asks.  “She would need to be married to a U.S. citizen” is the answer Immediately, he comes to the young woman’s rescue and offers to do just that.  After a week of courtship, they marry in a civil ceremony in downtown San Francisco.


Their families are furious at the spontaneous decision.  HOWEVER, nine months later, little Stephanie (named for her paternal Danish grandmother) is born and heals all the wounds in the families]. 



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