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Maria Trinidad « Afflicted with Hope

Maria Trinidad

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“I Feel Blessed to be Able to Care for Others And Hope that God Can Use Me”


[Editor’s Note:  Close your eyes and sing the hymn, “Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness” if you know it.  It will help frame the mood for listening to this woman’s story.   Picture in your mind a determined woman in her seventies who many compare to the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta because of her efforts to single-handedly clear the streets of San Salvador from hunger, crime, and poverty.  Imagine the grief and anguish she is feeling in her heart and soul at this very moment as she is pulling together her thoughts and composing herself.  Her son was killed one month ago.  Why?  Because a gang was trying to recruit his sons, her grandsons, into joining them, and he was defending their reluctance to do so.  They saw him as a roadblock in their way.  Will this stop her from what she is about?  Read her story and find out.]



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