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Juan Juarez « Afflicted with Hope

Juan Juarez

“I Trust God and Don’t Worry.  He Will  Provide.”


When I asked to speak to a fisherman in this rural fishing village, in my mind’s eye the person I had pictured was a thin, middle-aged, stooped man whose skin was leathery and deeply creased from the sun.  I thought he would be extremely shy and reluctant to talk to me, a total stranger, an American woman. . . . . . . . . . .Isn’t it fun to be wrong?

Here is the person I met –  


And here were the first words out of his mouth:

“I thank you for wanting to hear part of my life and I thank God for being able to share it with you.”

This response was so disarming and humble and made me feel privileged to listen.  I immediately thought to myself, “How many people do I know who are so welcoming to a total stranger AND mention God in the first sentence of meeting them?  As the interview evolves, I find out why.

 Juan,  would you describe your day as a fisherman? (more…)


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