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David and Belinda Fernandez « Afflicted with Hope

David and Belinda Fernandez

Editor’s Note:  This is a two-generation story of a father and daughter.  David Fernandez, following in his father’s footsteps as a Lutheran pastor, was one of the martyred clergy during the country’s civil war.  His daughter Belinda, only twelve when that horrific event happened, has come to terms with it and is following in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps (as well as other family members) by serving in the same capacity in the same parish as her father.

Both Belinda and her mother, Concepcion Aguilera da Fernandez, share David’s story.  (In addition, several archived newspaper accounts were verified for details of David’s death.  These include The Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Press, Palm Beach Post, and Washington Post all on November 23, 1984.)


“Christian, be there in the days – light and dark.”



DAVID’S STORY:  David was literally born into a life of faith.  The lineage for serving as Lutheran pastors is strong in our family.  David’s father, Hector Mercedes Herrera, was one of the first in El Salvador.  He died in 1974.  David’s mother was Antonio Fernandez Espino.  David was born in Barrio la Vega, San Salvador, on October 26, 1947.  Being the son of a pastor, David was exposed to the needs of the people. (more…)


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