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Wanderings and Ponderings « Afflicted with Hope

Alicia de Garcia

Alicia Garcia Passed This Way

Artist's Wall

Celia Marina Vasquez Luna

Christian Armando Chavarria Ayala

Collage of Murals

David and Belinda Fernandez

Day Of The Dead

Francisco (Mena) Sandoval

Francisco (Mena) Sandoval – Spanish

How Do They Stay Clean?

Jose Santiago Munguia

Jose Santiago Munguia – Spanish

Juan Juarez

Lucia Artega

Lucy Acevedo

Lucy De Acevedo – Spanish

Maia Trabanio Menendez

Maia Trabanino Menendez – Spanish

Maria Trinidad

Marina Villalta


Mario Roberto Vasquez Lopez

Orlando Giron

Orlando Giron – Spanish


Facts & Myths on Immigration

Sister Peggy O'Neill

Stephanie Anderson - Samayoa

Worship with Juan

A Salvadoran Medical Experience

Alfredo Artega

Alfredo Artiga Spanish

Alfredo Chivarra

Alfredo Chavarria

Allen Ukai

Alma Yanira Murcia

Ana Landaverde

Ana Landaverde Spanish


Baby Shower

Beauty Queens and Jesus Christ

BenJoe Markland

BenJoe Markland

Beyond Caring

Border Kids

Brenda Hubbard

Brenda Hubbard – Spanish Version

Brenda Hubbard

Brian Rude

Cameron Vasquez

Carlos Menendez

Carlos Mendoza Menendez

Carlos Molina

Carolina Vasquez Algeria

Caught Between Two Countries

Caught Between Two Countries Spanish

Childrens Play

Church in El Salvador

Claudia Rivas

Clearing up Perceptions of Guerrillas


Conversations with out Friends

Crime at Sea

Daily Choices

Damian Alegria

David Blanchard

Doll Ladies

Don Fito

Don Fito

Eileen Batres Giron

Eileen Batres Giron – Spanish

Election Exuberance

Ever Rivas

Ever Rivas

Evers Rivas – Spanish


Exterior Churches

Eyeball to Eyeball

Fabiola Escobar

Fabiola Escobar

Farming Hope

Fernando Llort

Fernando Llort

Fernando Llort – Spanish

Focus on Art

Francisco Mena Ugarte

Francisco Ramos

Francisco Enrique Viera Ramos Spanish Version

Francisco Rivas

Francisco Rivas

Fun Prevails

Guillermo Cuellar

Gus Newportr

Gus Newport Spanish Version

Hand Wrought Iron

Handle with care

Holy Wind

Hope Springs

Idenitifiably Salvadoran

Interior of Churches

Items Salvadorian Trucks Carry

Items Vendors Sell

Jay Vador

Jay Vader Spanish

Jeanne Rikkers

Joe Hastings

Joe Hastings Spanish Version

Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez

Jose Artiga

Jose Artiga Addendum – Spanish

Jose Artiga – Part 3

Jose Artiga – Part 2

Jose Artiga – Spanish Version

Jose Artiga – Part 1

Julio Hernandez Aleman

Julio Hernandez Aleman Spanish version

Julio Mancia

Julio (Tito) Mancia Spanish Version

Life without Social Security


Maria Alfaro

Maria Chichilco

Maria Chichilco Spanish Version

Maria Julie Garcia

Maria Julia Garcia – Spanish

Maria Palma

Maria Palma

Mariana Amaya Lara

Mariana Amaya Lara Spanish

Marina Ortiz

Marina Ortiz Spanish Version

Mario Mancia

Mario Mancia Spanish Version

Marisol Escobar

Marisol Escobar

Meltdown of 3's

Miguel Angel Ramirez

Miguel Angel Ramirez Spanish Version

Mirna Perla

Mirna Perla

Mirna Perla – Spanish Version

Neris Gonzalez

Neris Amanda Lopez Gonzales – Spanish

Nicole Santamaria

Nicole Santamaria

Not Again

Oasis on the 8th floor

On the way to Court

One day in time

Patty Cordero

Paul Darilek

Paul Darilek

Phil Andereon

Plastic Chairs


Raining black Ash

Ricardo Barrera

Ricardo Barrera

Roberto Henriquez Colata

Roberto Henriquez Spanish

Rosa Anaya Perla

Rosa Anaya Perla – Spanish

Ruben Vasquez Alfaro

Ruben Vasquez Alfaro

Salvador Gonzalez

Salvador Gonzalez

Salvador Menendez

Salvador Menendez Spanish

Salvadoran Children

Salvadoran Weddings

Salvadorian Names and Birthdays

Sam Hawkings

Sam Hawkins Spanish Version

Same Trip - Two Journeys

Samuel Carbajal

Sarah MacPhail


Sharing the Process

Spontaneous Generousity

Survivors Guilt

Sustenance of Fruit

The Broken Radiator

The Coin

The Deal

The Price of Security

The Voting Process

Tower of Tortillas

Treasure Chest of People

Tropical Flowers

Turtle Release

Unanticipated Delight

Under the Bridges

Venturing Into a New Project

Victoria Cavaugh

Victoria Cavanaugh

Vladimir Giron

Siegfrido “Vladimir” Hernandez Giron Spanish

Voice of the Voiceless


We're here for the People

What are the Chances

What brings them back

Where are the houses?

Who is the Real Missionary

Why do they stay

Zacamil Market


    Afflicted with Hope / embracingelsalvador.org is one of many outreach ministries at
    Saint Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)
    30 West Main Street, PO Box 266
    New Kingstown, PA 17072

    Tax deductible donations for support of this work in El Salvador may be sent to the above address.